Phase I ESA


A commercial or industrial Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is conducted pursuant to the Canadian Standard Association (CSA) Phase I ESA Standard Z768-01. In AB, the Alberta Environmental Site Assessment Standard must also be met.


Upstream Phase I ESA


In AB, an upstream Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is used in preparation for an application for a Reclamation Certificate, in accordance with Alberta Energy Regulator's 2010 Reclamation Criteria for Wellsites and Associated Facilities.  

COR Part 1


In BC, the Oil & Gas Commission requires an upstream oil & gas Phase I ESA to be completed in accordance with the Certificate of Restoration Part 1.


Stage 1 PSI


In BC, a Stage 1 Preliminary Site Investigation is conducted pursuant to the CSA Phase I ESA Standard Z768-01 but includes other items such as a Site Profile, survey maps, and a review by BC MoE.

Phase II ESA


A Phase II Environmental Site Assessment requires completion persuant to the CSA Phase II ESA Standard Z769-00.  In AB, the Alberta Environmental Site Assessment Standard must also be met.


Stage 2 PSI


In BC, a Stage 2 Preliminary Site Investigation is conducted in aacordance with the CSA Phase II ESA Standard Z769-00 but includes additional items.




In BC, a Detailed Site Investigation is a very thorough investigation, usually following a Stage 2 PSI to ensure complete delineation and to ensure full understanding of contaminant transport.  

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