Senior Engineer

Our senior engineer has been in the environmental and chemical industries for over 15 years, has previously managed a team of environmental professionals for an environmental consulting company, and has conducted all aspects of site investigations for Phase I, II, and III Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) / Stage 1 and 2 Preliminary Site Investigations (PSIs) for oil & gas companies, municipal landfills, industry, Alberta Infastructure, financial lenders, and others in Alberta and northeastern British Columbia.  The majority of assessment work has included groundwater investigations.  Pathway exclusions, guideline modifications, and fate and transport modelling are also conducted.  Standard operating procedures have been developed for companies needing to improve or develop procedures.  Report review and sign-off, both in Alberta and BC, is an important component of the work.

Our senior engineer has also been involved with lagoon and treatment field designs of remote sewage systems for work camps in both Alberta and BC.


Senior Agrologists

Elkan's agrologists have been environmental consulting for over 8 years and have been directly involved in land reclamation and contaminated site assessment and remediation programs. Field work activities have included spill response activities, large scale remediation and reclamation projects, contractor supervision, budget management and client liaison responsibilities with regulators. Work has been conducted in both in the upstream oil and gas industry, as well as providing remedial services in downstream oil and gas and in other industries.  Site projects ranged from vegetation monitoring of historical spills to full lease reclamation and former battery site remediation.  Experience as a primary contact/responder for emergency spill releases has been performed with a high degree of satisfaction to clients.  Responsibility for a budget of several million dollars primarily focused on pipeline spill activities and provided regular updates to client on project status and budgets.


Senior Biologists

Elkan's biologists have attained the masters or Ph.D. level and have 10 years of experience in wildlife habitat assessments, stream crossings, wetlands assessmentss, and pre-disturbance assessments.  With an interest in contaminated land risk assessment, a detailed working knowledge of quantitative risk assessment methodologies, including numerous practical applications of risk assessment tools and has undertaken numerous quantitative risk assessments at Tier1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 levels, including deriving generic and site-specific criteria and has also been involved in human health, groundwater and gas risk assessment for post-closure development of former landfill areas and identification of gas protection measures.

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