AER Detailed Site Assessments and BCOGC Schedule B Site Reclamation Assessments are conducted once all reclamation work has been completed and in support of an application for a Reclamation Certificate (AB) or a Certificate of Restoration (BC).


AER's 2010 Reclamation Criteria for Wellsites and Associated Facilities provide an adaptable approach that reduces assessment requirements for simple sites. A greater level of effort is required for more complex or difficult sites.


The assessments include drainage, erosion, slope movement, slumping, subsidence, bare areas, land contours, gravel/rocks, surface water management, and debris. Soils assessment should include average depth (60% to 85% of controls for cultivated lands and 60% to 80% of controls for native grasslands and forested lands), consistence, structure, texture, color, rooting restrictions, texture, and pH, EC, and SAR. Vegetation assessment should include species composition, plant height, density, weight, pod dimensions, health, and presence of weeds and litter.

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